Dresses of September 1794 from The Gallery of Fashion

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This is the sixth issue of the journal, Vol. I, no. 6. The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figures 23 and 24 and is shown below in color. Plate 2 features figure 25 and is shown below in greyscale.

Figures 23 and 24, "Morning Dresses." Description of figure 23 reads as follows: "White and purple striped sarcenet hat, with an embroidered purple border, trimmed round the crown with a rose-coloured gauze handkerchief, occasionally tied under the chin with rose-coloured riband. The side hair frizzed into large curls; the hair behind turned up, and tied very low with a white rosette. A round gown of muslin with long sleeves, trimmed at the wrists with lace, and tied with rose-coloured ribands. The short sleeves over them, and the border of the gown embroidered in whtie. Handkerchief of plain lawn put within the gown. Gold ear-rings. Rose-coloured gloves and shoes."
Description of figure 24 reads as follows. "Sky-blue beaver hat, trimmed round the crown with a broad purple riband, forming a large bow in the front. A large yellow ostrich feather placed behind the bow, inclining forwards. The hair frizzed into small curls; the side hair and the hair behind falling in ringlets upon the neck and back. Festoon necklace of coloured beads. Gold ear-rings. Petticoat of spotted muslin. Lawn handkerchief put within the gown. White and rose-coloured striped chintz gown; short sleeves, with a full tuff of white lawn trimmed at the top and bottom with a broad edging; a plaiting of the same round the neck. Yellow bow placed behind in the centre of the waist. Sky-blue gloves and shoes."
Large white chip gipsey hat; round the crown, and tied in a small bow upon the breast. A large black ostrich feather placed on the left side. The hair combed straight upon the forehead, and the rest lightly frizzed, and thrown into small curls and ringlets; the rose-coloured riband in the hair tied in a small bow in the front. Round gown of lawn with a narrow flounce, the gaufred plaits scallopped; short sleeves. Round the neck a full lawn plaiting a l'Espagnole. Sash of broad yellow silk riband, tied behind in a small bow, the two ends nearly as long as the gown. Black silk netted cloak, trimmed with a full plaiting of lace, drawn and tied in the front, the two ends hanging down very low. Gold ear-rings, Jonquille-coloured gloves and shoes. Parasol of green taffeta, trimmed with a white fringe.

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