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This is the nineth issue of the third volume (Vol III, no. 9). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figure 121 and is labelled "Morning Dress." Plate two features figures 122-3. It is labeled "Half Mourning Dress" and "Mourning Dress."

Original Text reads as follows:[All three descriptions pirated in December 1796 issue of the Lady's Magazine.]

The front hair combed straight upon the forehead, the sides in small ringlets, and the hind hair in a loose chignon. Travelling cap of rose-coloured satin, trimmed with white fur. Amazon dress of lady's green cloth, lined with rose-coloured satin; cape, cuffs, and labels [sic] with the same. Small plain muslin handkerchief. Full stock. Square pierced gold ear-rings. Fox tippet. Puff-coloured gloves. Blue striped shoes.

Bandeau of white muslin, embroidered in black; toupee and sides in large loose curls; chignon turned up plain, and the ends returned over the bandeau in ringlets; two black brush feathers in the front. Round gown of thick plain muslin, embroidered in black; short close sleeves, trimmed with black lace. Small muslin shawl, the border embroidered in black. Black and white striped sash, pinned together behind. White enamelled hoop ear-rings. One string of pearls round the neck. Gray gloves and shoes. Silver fox muff.
Toupee in loose curls; black riband mixed with the curls; black enamelled crescent, and black plumes de cocq in the front; the hind hair turned up plain, the ends returned in ringlets on the neck. Dress of black muslin, the petticoat with a broad pointed belt over the body; short sleeves in small plaits, trimmed with black lace; epaulettes of the same; scarf trimming round the neck, looped on the shoulders and behind: the whole trimmed with black fringe. One string of black beads round the neck. Black enamelled ear-rings. Black gloves and shoes. White swan-down muff.

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