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This is the seventh issue of the second volume (Vol II, no. 7). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figure 71 and is labelled "Watering Place. Morning Dress." Plate 1 is shown below in color. Plate 2 features figures 72 and 73 and is labelled "Vauxhall Evening Dresses." Plate 2 is shown below in greyscale.

A lady sits reading by the river. Here white muslin dress has a "blue silk handkerchief trimmed with lace" acting like a bra or "braces" over each breast, giving the breasts more support and drawing attention to them. The matching green gloves and scarf pull together the outfit's look and prevent the breeze blowing the ship's flag from removing the lady's bonnet. She has two shawls with her for added warmth. A big rose bow on the bonnet's brim is visible below the green scarf.

Original text describing plate:
Fig. LXXI.

The hair in loose curls and ringlets. White muslin cap; rose coloured satin riband tied, round the hair, into a bow in the front. Straw hat, lined with green taffeta, trimmed with a sky blue silk handkerchief, the ends tied behind into a knot; a green silk handkerchief tied over the hat, into a bow under the chin. Double tucker. Blue silk handerchief trimmed with lace, round the neck. Petticoat of fine muslin. Robe of the same, trimmed round the neck, and down the sides, with lace; short sleeves, trimmed with two rows of lace. Sash of narrow green riband. Black gauze scarf. Pea green coloured gloves and shoes.
Figures 72 and 73

Original Text Reads as Follows:



The front and side hair dressed into a variety of small and large curls; the hind hair turned up into a large plain chignon. Azure blue satin bonnet, lined with yellow, and trimmed with figured muslin. Round gown of India muslin, trimmed round the neck with lace. The hind part of the body and the shoulders trimmed with white silk chain, buttons, loops and tassels. Triple flounce at the bottom. Short loose sleeves, trimmed with broad lace. Gold ear-rings. White gloves. Light blue shoes, embroidered in silver.


Part of the front hair combed down, the other part dressed into small curls; the side hair and some of the hind hair into larger ones; the rest of the hind hair turned up plain, the ends returned in ringlets, and ornamented with a small white satin rosette. White muslin handkerchief drawn through the hair and pinned behind. White silk hat, trimmed with azure blue crape. White ostrich feather, curled at the top, placed on the right side near the front. Petticoat of white lawn, the bottom richly worked. Body of blue taffeta, trimmed behind with black silk chain and buttons. White satin sleeves. Train of clear lawn. The body and train trimmed with lace. White muslin handkerchief. Gold ear-rings. Gold chain, intermixed with large pearls, round the neck. White Gloves. White satin shoes, embroidered in silver.

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