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This is the third issue of the second volume (Vol II, no. 3). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figure 55 and is labelled "A Lady going out on horseback." Plate 1 is shown below in color; the figure in the background is the lady's groom. Plate 2 is shown below in greyscale; it features figures 56, 57, and 58 and is labelled "Ladies in the Great Concert Room."

Riding Habit. This habit combines colors in a daring way--a bright scarlet habit is given an aqua silk collar and worn with a black hat with a wide rose ribbon and two black plumes. The white cravat echoes the cravats so essential to male fashion of the day. The figure in the background is the lady's groom--the essential servant for a lady going out for a ride in a public park. Her elegant horse might have been purchased by an adoring husband or a kind father or brother at Tattersall's Horse Auction Yard, opened 1766. The original text for Fig. LV reads "The hair dressed in easy curls, the hind hair turned up plain. Black beaver hat, trimmed with a purple velvet riband. Two black feathers placed on the left side. Full cravat round the neck, tied into a small bow in the front. Plaited trimming round the neck. One white and one blue under-waistcoat. Riding dress of scarlet cloth, with a capuchin collar, fastened in the waist by a belt. Gold loop ear-rings. York tan gloves. Purple Spanish leather spring heel slippers."



The hair in light curls; the hind hair in ringlets. Chiffonet of Italian gauze, crossed with laurels. Two white ostrich feathers, and one white feather d'esprit on the right side. Robe of fine lawn, the bottom embroidered in white; long sleeves, trimmed at the wrists with lace, the tops and body ornamented with silk cords, buttons, and tassels. Small handkerchief within the robe. Ruff of white blonde lace round the neck. Medallion suspended by a white riband. Diamond ear-rings. White gloves and shoes.
The hair in light curls and ringlets. Turban of lilac- coloured taffeta; a gold foil band on the left side, and a wreath of roses on the right. One white and lilac, and two white ostrich fethers placed in the front. Chemise of figured muslin. Full short sleeves, tied in three parts. Small handkerchief within, trimmed with a narrow lace, and a small lilac-coloured silk handkerchief over it. Small gold necklace. Medallion suspended by a gold chain. Gold loop ear-rings. White gloves and shoes.
The hair dressed in curls and ringlets. Turban of pink crape; the one end falling behind, embroidered in gold. Gold foil band on the left side. Plain lawn petticoat. Robe a l'enfantine of embroidered lawn, trimmed round the neck and the sides, down to the bottom, with a broad pink riband; short puckered sleeves. Small handkerchief within the robe a l'enfantine. Two strings of pearls round the neck. Diamond ear-rings. White gloves and shoes.

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