Dresses of 1798 from The Gallery of Fashion

Morning Walking Dress with Pelisse. March, 1798. Fig. 171 labelled "Morning Dress." This pale purple pelisse would be a joy to snuggle into, with its gold cord and grey fur trim. The dress is open enough to see a white muslin gown beneath it with an elaborate lace collar. The ruby turban is of plum velvet with a curving black plume.

Afternoon Dress, Half-Mourning. May, 1798. Fig. 180 labelled "Half-Mourning Dress." This dramatic black and white gown is worn with black gloves, a sign of mourning. The black net overdress has a black lace trim. The corsage and plumes are dark, and spotted bandeau which the feathers tower over, gives the headdress an exotic touch. Black jet beads and a black cross are typical of mourning jewelry.

July, 1798. Fig. 187 of Court Dress. A gold overdress is worn over a spangled-satin petticoat. Only one plume is worn. Plumes and hoops were required aspects of court dress.
Morning Dress, 1798

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