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This is the eleventh issue of the second volume (Vol II, no. 11). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are three plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figures 84 and 85 and is labelled "Afternoon Dresses." This plate is shown below in greyscale. Plate 2 features figure 86 and is labelled "Court Dress." Plate 3 features figure 87 and is labelled "New Dress, in the Roman Style, introduced at the Opera by a foreign Lady of distinction." This is shown below in greyscale.



The front hair combed straight upon the forehead and down the side; the hind hair turned up plain and short, the ends returned in ringlets, and crossed with two strings of pearls. Chiffonet of maroon satin, with ornaments of small pearls. Small bandeau of blue satin, with Vandyke scollops in gold. Muslin petticoat, trimmed at the bottom with blue satin in Vandyke scollops; short full sleeves of muslin, trimmed with blonde. Body of blue satin, trimmed round the neck with a double plaiting of blonde, and on the back with a chain; epaulettes of the same, looped with a spring chain and tassels of gold. Pearl necklace and ear-rings. White gloves and shoes. Fur muff.


The hair combed straight round the face; chignon turned up plain and short. Persian cap of light blue satin, trimmed with a gold chain. Petticoat of embroidered muslin; half full sleeves of book muslin. Persian robe of light blue satin embroidered; trimmed round the neck with a double plaiting of lace; short sleeves. Small handkerchief within the robe. Pearl necklace and ear-rings. White gloves and shoes.



The hair in small curls, the hind turned up short, and returned from the chiffonet in ringlets. Chiffonet of white satin with gold spangles, crossed in the front with two gold chains, ornamented with several diamonds, and looped on the left side with a large brilliant; one large white ostrich feather on the left, and three on the right side. Petticoat of white satin, trimmed with a large gold fringe, head by a broad maroon velvet riband. Drapery of white rape with gold spangles, also trimmed with gold fringe and maroon velvet ribands. Body and train of maroon and black striped velvet, trimmed round the neck with a triple plaiting of blond, behind with two gold tassels, and the train with a gold fringe; full sleeves of crape, embroidered in gold, trimmed with triple ruffles of blonde, and a broad gold band. Full ruff of plaited blonde round the neck Diamond ear-rings. Lappets of blonde. White gloves and white shoes embroidered in gold.

New Dress, in the Roman Style, introduced at the Opera by a foreign Lady of distinction


The hair dressed, without power, into a variety of natural curls; two bands of gold in the hair. Body and petticoat of puce-coloured satin; the body richly embroidered and clasped together over the shoulders. Very short sleeves of fine cambric, the end embroidered in gold. Roman mantle of scarlet kerseymere richly embroidered, all round, in gold, and one end fastened on the right shoulder. large gold ear-rings and bracelets. Broad fancy festoon gold chain round the neck. White satin sandals lace with a gold cord.

Above left: New Roman style dress. Figure 87, 1796. Above right: Detail of hair and jewelry of same fashion plate.
Left: Detail of the open sandal of the above plate

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