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This is the twelfth issue of the journal, Vol. I, no. 12. The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figure 44 and is labelled "Evening Dress." Plate 1 is shown below in greyscale. Plate 2 features figures 45 and 46 and is labelled "Morning Dresses." Plate 2 is shown below in color.

Evening Dress, March 1795. This simple print gown has a deep v-neckline trimmed with lace. A large turban covers the head, but, as the hair is worn down in long curls, is does not conceal the beauty of the lady's hair. The sleeves are tight-fitted to the arm, and the gloves cover the edge of the sleeves.

Morning Walking Dresses. Figure 45 and 46, March 1795. The lady on the left wears a pink gown stripped with rose and trimmed on the hem with a simple ruffle. Her bonnet has elaborate pink ribbon trim and an ostrich feather dyed black (although it appears brown in my copy, no doubt faded). The black (according to the description, but looks brown) shawl has fur trim to match the fur muff. Muffs in the 1810-1825 period would grow much larger. The original description of the left figure read: "The hair combed into light curls; plain chignon, white bouffant around the head. Bonnet of black velvet with pink satin; the cawl of pink satin spotted with black, the top fastened and crossed in several parts with black velvet riband, fastened with a button on top, trimmed with pink riband made into one large bow in front and behind. One black ostrich feather in front. Round gown of chintz, with long sleeves, and trimmed at the bottom with a narrow flounce. Full cravat around the neck. Black satin short cloak trimmed with broad lace. Isabella bearskin tippet and muff. Red morocco slippers." The lady on the right wears a spangled silk dress with a navy spencer above it. Her hat has elaborate yellow trim, which in no way matches the dress and spencer. Both ladies hitch up their skirts to show us simple white petticoats below the round gowns of one piece.

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