Dresses of October 1794 from The Gallery of Fashion

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This is the seventh issue of the second volume (Vol I, no. 7). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one is labelled Figure 26 and is shown below in greyscale. Plate 2 is labelled Figures 27 and 28 and is shown below in greyscale.



HEAD-DRESS. Bright puce-coloured hat, with an embroidered purple border, lined with blue, and trimmed with a garland of flowers; a party-coloured ostrich feather placed on the left side. A large toupee frizzed into light curls, the hind hair turned under, the ends returned, falling lower than the chignon, and thrown into ringlets. A wreath of white flowers in the toupee. Robe and petticoat of striped muslin; the robe braided on the back, confined to the waist by a belt, trimmed round the neck with lace; long sleeves, trimmed at the wrists with lace; short full sleeves of clear muslin, fixed at the bottom to the long sleeves. Small handkerchief put within the robe. Gold ear-rings. Light blue gloves and shoes.


HEAD-DRESS. White hat, bound in black, and formed into a sharp point in the front, tied down with a yellow handkerchief; a yellow ostrich feather placed in the front. The hair of the toupee in small curls, the hind hair in ringlets. Gown and petticoat of plain muslin. Long sleeves; short sleeves, in small plaits, over them; the short sleeves and the gown trimmed with the same. The petticoat with a very broad hem. Handkerchief within the belt. Jonquille-coloured gloves and shoes.
HEAD-DRESS. Small white silk hat, trimmed with yellow and pink-striped riband; a deep veil of clear white lawn, with an embroidered border in colours. The hair in light curls. Round gown of fine callico, with a narrow flounce of the same. Short full sleeves of plain muslin, made up into three different forms; the upper part loose, the middle in small plaits, and the end in ruffles. Over the shoulders pink and yellow taffeta, put into plaits, and crossing in the front. A narrow pink riband round the waist, tied on the left side. A string of white beads round the neck. Gold ear- rings. Yellow gloves and shoes.

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