Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume 2, No. 13 For October, 1807

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Vol. 2, No. 13
Fashions for October, 1807
(from page 159)

Fig. No. 3.--An elegant Livonia Dress, made of purple bloom soft satin, sprigged with small clusters of gold dots; the dress to fall a little below the knees, with a rich gold bullions trimming in the form of a Vandyke; the back part gored off to the shape, with a cottage front, confined with gold buttons down the skirt; sleeves short and low on the shoulders, with a narrow trimming to accompany the bottom of the dress; worn round the arm in the form of a cork-screw, to give it the appearance of genteel confinement; a white lace train petticoatt is worn under this dress, with a rich border of Vandyke worked with a light gold thread to correspond. Headdress quite plain, entirely of hair, combed strait over the head, from the front of the forehead, plaited in a thick cable plait, brought up to the crown of the head, turned under and fastened with a brilliant comb. The hair a-la-Madona on each side of the forehead, with a long cork- skrew [sic] curl on the right side of the face: a rich half-wreath of green enamelled stone, intermixed with small gold flowers, ornaments the right side of the head. Ear-rings of thick gold; gloves of white lace; shoes of purple satin; and fan, ivory and silver.

(from page 160)

Fig. No. 1.--Morning Dress.--Drab coloured cloth coat, single breasted, with pantaloons to match; and for the sake of avoiding the weight or incumbrance of boots, are made with gaiter bottoms entire, and which, with the addition of a striped waistcoat, has most undoubtedly a very genteel appearance.

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