The Ladies' Pocket Magazine, 1824-39

Key Sources on The Ladies' Pocket Magazine

Adburgham, Alison. Women in Print: Writing Women and Women's Magazines From the Restoration to the Accession of Victoria . London: George Allen and Unwin, 1972.

About the The Ladies' Pocket Magazine . . .

[from Adburgham page 234] The Ladies' Pocket Magazine "was one of Joseph Robin's publications, issued from Bride Court, Bridge Street. Its fashion plates, although hand-coloured, were very poor; they were supported by brief jottings called `Cursory Remarks' on English and French fashions, and a section called `The Ladies' Toilet.' The literary content of the magazine was of a higher standard than its fashion content."

The cover of my copy states it is printed in London for J. Robins by Lane, Paternoster Row.

May 1824 issue

July 1824 issue

August 1824 issue

September 1824 issue

October 1824 issue

November 1824 issue

December 1824 issue

February 1825 issue

September 1825 issue

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