The Ladies' Pocket Magazine, November 1824

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The Ladies' Pocket Magazine (1824)

The Ladies' Toilet.

[From page 177] EVENING DRESS.-- [shown above] Dress of amber-coloured satin, trimmed with bananas, [no, I'm not joking] in white crape, at the border, mixed with full-blown roses: beaneath these ornaments are puffings of tulle, each puff confined by straps of white satin and silk cordon, and on each side of the puffing is a wadded rouleau of amber satin; the corsage formed in the Greek style, by a chicorée trimming of crape, placed down each side of the bust in front, à la antique.

CARRIAGE DRESS.--Pelisse of salmon-coloured gros de Naples, simply finished round the border, and down the front, with a broad double-wadded rouleau.

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