March 1796, The Gallery of Fashion

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FIG. LXXXVIII. (detail on right)
The hair in small curls, plain chignon. Cottage cap of fine muslin, tied under the chin, trimmed with lace and white satin ribands. Petticoat of muslin, richly embroidered at the bottom. Spencer of maroon satin, plain, or blue cape, trimmed with lace. Muslin neck handkerchief. Fur muff. Red morocco slippers.


Left: Walking Dress with Spencer, 1813, from John Bell's La Belle Assemblee, or Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine Addressed Particularly to the Ladies, 1806-1868. This matching tan gown and spencer are rather simple in trim. The spencer's front is trimmed in a military style with white fur trim on cuffs, shoulders, collar and hem. The brown muff looks warm and matches the darker bonnet.

Right: Walking Dress with Spencer, 1814, from Horace Vernet's Almanach des Modes. This pink satin spencer is topped with a pink and rose-stripped scarf with lace trim. The white muslin skirt has seven folded bands at the hem. The boots are a bold yellow and the gloves a lime green.

La Belle AssemblŽe, June 1817

A woman in a yellow spencer.

Walking Dress featuring Spencer, 1819, from Rudolf Ackermann, The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion, and Politics, 1809-1829. Remove the spencer and hat, and the lady is in white muslin and a white cornette-style cap, typical morning dress. The spencer of green is designed to draw attention to the bust. The hat is of green satin with dashing plumes.

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