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image of Princess Charlotte in Wedding Dress
Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold Wedding Dress Engraving
Detail of Princess Charlotte's Wedding Dress Headdress and Bodice
Detail of Princess Charlotte's Wedding Dress Headdress and Bodice
Engraving of Princess Charlotte
Engraving of Princess Charlotte
Painting of Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold
Painting of Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold
Minature of Princess Charlotte as a Child
Minature of Princess Charlotte as a Child
Painting of Princess Charlotte
Painting of Princess Charlotte
Glass Painting
of Princess Charlotte and Her Husband
Glass Painting of Princess Charlotte and Her Husband
of Princess Charlotte
Dress of Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold in crude copy of famous portrait This crude copy of the portrait in the National Portrait Gallery came from a web page that had details of the regiment that bears Princess Charlotte's name.
From La Belle Assemblee, Vol. 12, no. 84 (May 1816), pages 224-225.

As we have been gratified with a sight of the wedding dresses of this amiable and illustrious female, a particular yet concise account of them cannot but be acceptable to our fair readers.

The Royal Bride, happy in obtaining him whom her heart had selected, and whom consenting friends approved, wore on her countenance that tranquil and chastened joy which a female so situated could not fail to experience. Her fine fair hair, elegantly yet simply arranged, owed more to its natural beautiful wave than to the art of the friseur; it was crowned with a most superb wreath of brilliants, forming rosebuds with their leaves.

Her dress was silver lama [lamé] on net, over a silver tissue slip, embroidered at the bottom with silver lama in shells and flowers. Body and sleeves to correspond, elegantly trimmed with point Brussels lace. The manteau was of silver tissue lined with white satin, with a border of embroidery to answer that on the dress, and fastened in front with a splendid diamond ornament. Such was the bridal dress ...

The jewellery of the royal bride is most superb; beside the wreath, are a diamond cestus, ear- rings, and an armlet of great value, with a superb set of pearls. The court dresses worn by the royal family and nobility on this occasion were particularly splendid; we are sorry our limits will not allow us to enter into particulars, but we cannot forbear noticing the singular taste and elegance, displayed in the superb lama dress, so beautifully wrought with silver lilies, of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley; we have never before witnessed so charming a combination of classical taste, splendour, and touching simplicity.

Fashions Inspired by the Romance and Wedding

  • "Sax-Cobourg Robe for Evening Full Dress" April 1816 in La Belle Assemblee A WEDDING dress: "The robe of pink, worn over a white satin slip flounced with crape, finished by blond. Bridal veil, fastened with a brooch of pearl and pink topazes, with the hair simply dressed in light curls and parted on the forehead. A muff formed of white satine and gossamer silk trimming. Necklace and armlets of pearls and pink topazes. White satin slippers and white kid gloves."
  • "Cobourg Walking Dress" May 1816 in La Belle Assemblee. "Round dress of fine French cambric under a pelisse of amber shot sarsnet, elegantly ornamented in a novel style with blue satin ribbon.
  • "Evening Costume" June 1816 in The Ladies' Monthly Museum. "Dress of primrose satin, richly festooned at bottom, with burgamot roses, and Cobourg vandyke riband trimming; Cobourg ruff round the neck, which crosses in front of the bosom, and continues a little way down the skirt, finished at each end with cords and tassels; a very short full sleeve, with a Princess Charlotte's drapery over the shoulders and back; shoes of primrose satin; the hair curled extremely full round the head, fastened in the centre of the forehead with a crescent of diamonds, and on each side of the head bunches of burgamot roses, shaded prettily over with curls."
Description of Princess Charlotte from Joseph Ballard's "England in 1815," from PrintsGeorge
(a great site selling reproduction prints of the regency era and with marvelous quotes and details!)

Having a desire to see Royalty I attended the Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace, to see the Princess Charlotte, probably the future Queen of England [ . . . . ] The Princess came in attended by several lords and ladies, and took her seat in the gallery opposite to where I stood. She has a pretty face and eyes, with the buxomness of a country lass. Her dress was purple pelisse edged with white, with a French fashioned bonnet and a wreath around it. She had not the least gentility of appearance and her manners were shockingly vulgar, particularly when she stood up. She had then a kind of rolling about, and kept her arms akimbo. She took very little notice ofthe service and seemed, from her uneasiness, to wish that it were ended.

Description of Princess Charlotte's Wedding from the May 1816 issue of The Lady's Magazine produced for the web by PrintsGeorge
(a great site selling reproduction prints of the regency era and with marvelous quotes and details!)

The Queen's Dress. --- A beautiful gold tissue, trimmed with a mixture of gold and silver, having two flounces of brilliant silver net work, richly embossed with stripes of gold lamé and a superb head to the flounces of silver lamé border. The whole had a most novel, grand, and magnificent appearance.

Princess Charlotte's Dresses. --- 1. The wedding dress, composed of a most magnificent silver lama on net, over a rich silver tissue slip, with a superb border of silver lama embroidery at the bottom, forming shells and bouquets above the border; a most elegant fullness tastefully designed, in festoons of rich silver lama, and finished with a very brilliant rollio of lama; the body and sleeves to correspond, trimmed with a most beautiful point Brussels lace, in a peculiar elegant style. The manteau of rich silver tissue lined with white satin, trimmed round with a most superb silver lama border, in shells to correspond with the dress, and fastened in front with a most brilliant and costly ornament of diamonds. The whole dress surpassed all conception in the brilliancy and richness of its effects. Head dress, a wreath of rose buds and leaves, composed of the most superb brilliants.

2. A Superb gold lama dress, with an elegant border of lama over a white satin slip; the body and sleeves embroidered to correspond, trimmed with an elegant gold blond net in vandyke; also a most magnificent gold tissue manteau, lined with rich white satin, and trimmed with a beautiful gold border, in net work and shells.

3. A sliver lama dress, richly embroidered on net, with superb border, over a white sating slip; body and sleeves elegantly trimmed with a rich silver blond lave; the manteau in suit, composed of a rich silver tissue, lined with white satin, and trimmed round with a beautiful silver lama border, fastened in front with diamonds.

4. A very superb blue and white figured silver tissue dress, trimmed with a full elegant trimming of lama on net, tastefully interspersed with silver, orange blossom, and cornflowers; the body and sleeves elegantly trimmed with lama and silver blond lace.

5. An embroidered gold muslin dress, with an elegant Indian gold border, and above the border two flounces of most beautiful Mechlin lace; the body and sleeves elegantly trimmed with Mechlin lace. This dress had a particularly beautiful effect.

6. A very superb Brussels point lace dress, elegantly trimmed with point lace, over a slip of rich white satin. This dress cost 800 guineas.

7. A rich white satin dress, elegantly trimmed with blond lace, with a beautiful satin and net trimming above the blond. The body and sleeves very full and handsome, with blond lace.

8. An elegant sprig hook muslin dress, trimmed with rich Mechlin lace, over a white satin slip.

9. A rich figured satin dress, elegantly trimmed with blond lace.

10. A travelling dress of rich white reps silk, elegantly trimmed with flounces at the bottom, of superb Brussels point, with ruff and cuffs to correspond.

11. A rich white satin wedding pelisse, trimmed with most beautiful ermine, for the occasion.

12. An elegant white satin hat, tastefully trimmed with blond lace, and a beautiful plume of ostrich feathers.

Several other dresses, equally rich and beautiful in effect, but too numerous to be described, complete this part of the royal marriage suits.

Princess Sophia of Gloucester.--- An elegant robe of gold tissue, superbly ornamented with silver lama. her Royal Highness wore a profusion of diamonds and feathers.

The following were among the other numerous splendid dresses for the occasion, particularly admired:

Marchioness of Winchester.--- Silver stitched lama petticoat, over white satin, with two superb flounces of lama, headed tastefully with net and silver; robe of pink satin, trimmed with a fulling of white satin, and embroidered with silver of a very beautiful pattern; sash to match, studded with silver, and confined in front with a diamond clasp. Head-dress, feathers and diamonds; necklace, diamonds. This dress had a most brilliant and splendid effect.

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley's dress was very conspicuous for its singular elegance. --- A superb silver lama dress, with a border beautifully wrought with silver lilies; a train of blue satin lined with white, and an elegant Vandyke lamé border on net, to correspond with the petticoat. The whole had a most dazzling and brilliant effect, with the addition of a beautiful plume of ostrich feathers, mounted with elegance and taste.

Dowager Countess of Pembroke.--- A robe of purple and gold superbly embroidered with gold; petticoat, gold gauze, richly ornamented with gold blond and tassels. Head-dress, gold net turban. Her ladyship wore, as usual, a profusion of diamonds.

Lady Mary Poulett.--- Silver lama petticoat, over white satin, with a beautiful French garniture at the bottom, intermixed with silver tissue and leaves of white satin, edged with silver, which had a very beautiful effect; robe of pink satin, handsomely ornamented with blond and silver lace; sash to match, trimmed with silver. Head-dress, feathers.

Lady Emily Murray.--- A richly embroidered white crape dress, in silver lama, with superb border tastefully designed; body and sleeves profusely trimmed with silver and blond lace; train of pink satin, elegantly adorned with a rich silver border, and fastened in front with diamonds.

Lady Elisabeth Montague.--- A dress of gold lama, with rich border of the same elegantly trimmed, body and sleeves full trimmed with gold and blond lace; train of blue satin, with a beautiful gold trimming, and fastened in front with diamonds.

The Hon. Mrs. Courtney Boyle.--- A white satin dress, superbly embroidered with bold lama, and robe of rose satin, edged with rich gold fringe, en suite, with blond lace: head-dress, feathers and diamonds.

Mrs. Campbell.---An embroidered gold lama dress, tastefully trimmed with rich lama border; body and sleeves ornamented with a rich gold trimming; train of blue satin trimmed with gold, and fastened in front with diamonds.

Mrs. Adam.--- An elegant white net dress, embroidered with silver lama; a mantle of blue Virginia, embroidered with lama.


The Prince Regent.--- A scarlet Field-Marshal's uniform coat, embroidered with gold; rich gold pearl aguilette, with stars of the orders of the Garter, Bath, Gwelphs, Russia, Austria, Prussia, France, Spain, Denmark, &c. &c. &c; white kerseymere waistcoat and breeches.

His Royal Highness the Duke of York.--- Field Marshal's uniform.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence.--- Admiral's uniform.

Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg.--- A British General's embroidered uniform coat, white kerseymere waistcoat and breeches.

Marquis of Hertford.--- A brown cloth coat, embroidered with gold, white silk waistcoat ditto, and brown cloth breeches.

Edward Disbrowe, Esq.--- (Vie [?sic ?Vice?] Chamberlain to the Queen). A suit nearly the same as the Marquis of Hertford.

Lord Viscount Lake.--- A rich embroidered General's uniform.

Lord George Beresford.--- Ditto.

------- Chester Esq.--- A handsome velvet coat, lined with primrose silk, and rich paste buttons.

Rt. Hon. Charles Arbuthnot.--- A velvet suit with paste buttons.

Marquis of Cholmondeley.--- A rich silk embroidered dress suit.

The Honourable Charles Percy.--- A rich silk embroidered dress suit.

Most of the Gentlemen wore the Windsor uniform, or regimentals.

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