Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 1 (ns), No. 1 April, 1809

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Vol. 1 (ns), No. 1

This issue features a plate labelled "Evening Dress" and one labelled "An Anglo Saxon Lady of Quality, in the Costume of the Eighth Century." The latter isn't very different from a woman in morning dress covered with a veil and cloak. Both are shown below in greyscale. There is an essay "Modern Costume" on pages 81-2.

An Anglo Saxon Lady of Quality, in the Costume of the Eighth Century

Evening Dress


[From page 82] Seasons also are against. us. What with old-style and new-style, we are now come to no-style! Mankind will have it to be April, in spite of Nature, which unequivocally tells us it shall be March.

Who that is susceptible of feminine fascination (and who is not?)--who that loves the loveliest of our kind, does not pant to see coats and mantles and pelisses thrown off; and beauty, divine beauty, open as the heavens, fee as the air, and bright as the day? A few sad weeks, (how long do they seem!) and the scene will be changed. Yes! a few short weeks, and our fashionable equestrians shall become amatory pedestrians; the carriage shall be quitted for the parade; and our beaux and belles, side by side, or arm in arm, shall languishingly or lovingly, give additional lustre to Nature, and animation to existence.

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