Lady's Monthly Museum, March 1812

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1812)

Cabinet of Fashion.


Fig. 1.--A round walking dress of plain muslin, with a border of needle work at the feet, throat, and collar. A Russian mantle of drab or Wellington brown, lined and bordered with rose- coloured satin or velvet. A village hat composed of feathers, and lined with rose-coloured velvet, tied on with a Barcelona handkerchief of the same colour, formed in a tufted rose on the top, and tied under the chin. The hair in ringlets round the forehead. Half boots to correspond, and buff gloves.

Fig. 2.--A round Grecian robe of white crape, embroidered up the front and round the bottom with a fancy border of green chenille. An antique bodice of green velvet, trimmed with Vandyke lace or bugles. Short full sleeves same as the robe, finished with bands of green velvet. White satin slippers with silver clasps or roses. Veil of Mecklin lace, fancifully disposed over the hair, which is seen in irregular curls beneath. Necklace and ornaments of the satin bead, or pearl. Gloves of French kid below the elbow. Fan of ivory.

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