Women's Headdresses

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Headdress was a general term for any type of decortation worn on the head. With Undress, caps or more rarely, veils, were worn. When one went out walking or in a carriage, bonnets and turbans were the norm. However, in summer, a veil could be worn on a walk or promenade. With full dress, veils, bandeaux, or tiaras were worn. At Court, feathered bandeaux were the norm. Caps were normally made of muslin, lace, or satin and frequently trimmed with lace, ribbons, and artificial flowers. Bonnets and hats could be trimmed with artificial flowers, shells, ribbons, lace, fur, feathers, and even jewels. The bonnet could be made of straw, dyed or natural, or an abundance of fabrics included velvet, satin, or even fur. One popular trend was to tie the bonnet on the head with a handkerchief or scarf; this was usually called "a gypsy bonnet." Turbans and bandeaux were typically trimmed with feathers and jewels although the later might be decorated with artificial flowers as well. Tiaras were typically gold or silver with or without gems. In addition to the traditional cut stones, pearls, turquoise, coral, and cameos were popular for tiaras.

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